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Recent media coverage of LLFA

  • Bloomberg Business (4/14/2015): "Rising Yield, Bond Haven isn't Where You Think"

  • Barron's (8/12/2014): "After Selloff, It’s Time To Buy High Yield"

  • (8/5/2014): "Retail investors flee junk bonds but institutions set to jump in"

  • Barron's (8/5/2014): "After Selloff, High Yield Bonds No Longer ‘Extremely Overvalued'"

  • CNBC (8/1/2014): "Hardly a Usual Credit Market"

  • The Financial Times (5/5/2014): "High yield bonds boost Europe M&A hopes"

  • The New York Times (5/2/2014): "Searching for yield, at almost any price"

  • The New York Times (4/29/2014): "Settling the Bets of the Private-Equity Megadeal’s Golden Age"

  • The Wall Street Journal (4/28/2014): "Lose your triple A rating? Who cares?"

  • Epoch Times (4/24/2014): "Wall Street Veteran Marty Fridson on retirement planning"

  • Bloomberg (4/24/2014): "Merger boom tarnishes ratings as borrowing soars"

  • Barron's (04/23/2014): "Fridson: junk bonds 'extremely overvalued', triple-C's leas rich"

  • Bloomberg Businessweek (4/22/2014): "Dividend deal 'epidemic' intensifies junk alarm"

  • Bloomberg News (4/17/2014): "Fridson joins Livian and Lehmann to start asset manager"

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