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We help you accumulate, preserve, and efficiently transfer wealth


Prior to engaging in managing a portfolio, we collect and review all relevant information. This includes your family, your professional background, your financial circumstances, your risk tolerance, and any  unique circumstances.


We are particularly sensitive to your tax situation and time horizon. 



We carefully define a suitable Investment Program that reflects both your personal circumstances and our capital market expectations.



We build a suitable investment portfolio to achieve your goals. Your account(s) will be held at a reputable third party qualified custodian.


We will pay particular attention to keeping portfolio expenses low and pursuing tax efficiencies. We provide clear, informative reports on your investments.

“I’ve devoted my career to separating the wheat from the chaff, both in analyzing companies’ financial statements and in examining investment strategies. At LLFA I apply my accumulated knowledge to helping individual investors secure their future.”

Martin Fridson, CFA, Chief Investment Officer

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